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    How it Works

    Get to know our new digital shaping process. It's the only way to buy a board these days. Sidestep all of the hype, misinformation, and marketing BS (and stop second-guessing your product research).

    Catch more waves, have more fun and get an education in surfboard design while you're at it. Custom surfboards are often in the same price range as a quality stock surfboard.

    1. Schedule Shaping Session

    Click the button below to immediately schedule your session with our shapers/consultants and let us identify the best shape for you. We'll pick a notable shaper later in the process, after we define your ideal shape. More info below

    2. Virtual Consult

    The Virtual Shaping Session is a holistic consultation to discuss your physical characteristics, injuries, the waves you surf, your style, your goals and much, much more.

    3. Approve Mock-Up

    Boom. Within 48 hours you'll have a visual mockup (including optional custom graphics and/or logos) along with complete dims.

    4. Pick a Shaper

    Pick any shaper (in our network or not) and we'll bring your design to life at no additional cost. We then manage the build process, provide you with production updates and organize shipping. If you decide not to go through with a custom build, we'll point you to stock boards (that closely match the dimensions discussed during your shaping session) available for immediate purchase online.

    Get Yours.

    Start the process now and pay only a small deposit. When your board is complete (we'll send pics), pay the balance. Satisfaction guaranteed.