Voting Closed. 🙏

    Winners are currently being notified. Prints available soon!

    Top 6 Entries: Prints Sold Through SCSS

    Top Finalists will headline our upcoming Santa Cruz Photography Collection. If you're in the top 6, provide us w/ the high-res image and each time we get an order, we'll print it on canvas and ship it to the customer. You get 20% for doing nothing as long as the product is on our website. Well, you did do the hard work of taking the photo, so... money well-earned.

    Grand Prize: 1 Year of Santa Cruz Shirt Club + Rev Share

    The winner of the popular vote will (in addition to selling their shot with us online), receive a free 1 year subscription to our Santa Cruz Shirt Club (2 seasonal T's and 2 seasonal hoodies). The designs are a surprise. If you don't like them, re-gift them during the holidays, but they're dope.