Hollywood Surf Supply 

Hollywood Surf Supply: The Hook Model *Build to Order


The Hook model is designed to bring renewed energy and spark to your performance surfing. Fast and drivey with a slot swallow tail it flies down the line and smashes lips when asked! Slightly forward foil with more nose area and volume in the chest it is a great paddler especially when wearing a 4mm wetsuit!!! A true all around tested and loved from small beach breaks to pumping points like the Hook it’s namesake!! Best ridden in the moon or swallow tail design(shapers favorite) that takes a little foam out of the back end and gives the board incredible bite and hold. Former world champ Barton Lynch loves his and has been riding non stop for almost 2 years!!! Available in swallow, moon, squash and round tails. From 5’10” to 6’6”. 3 or 4 fin set ups in single tab boxes.

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